For questions about billing, membership contracts, and cancelations, please e-mail You may also call the Balance Gym Corporate office at (202) 216-0222 and ask to speak to the Billing Department during normal business hours.

Viewing/Updating/Editing Your Account

To view your account, click here to go to view your account information. Don't have a Membership ID Number yet? Contact us at to get it and then sign up here.

You may view your Profile, Schedule, Attendance, Purchase History, and Account.


  • All freeze requests should be sent to
  • Members may freeze (temporarily suspend usage privilges and dues payment obligations) their membership up to 3 months per calendar year without documentation.
  • Members may freeze their membership for medical reasons, for extended travel, or for job postings outside the city for up to 12 months with documentation.
  • Members who are in an annual contract are obligated to pay for 12 months of the contract. That is, freezing a membership extends the contract date by the freeze length.
  • All freeze notifications must be given 7 days prior to the members billing date. Check your contract for your billing date.


  • All cancellation requests should be sent to
  • Members may cancel their membership with 30 days written notice by emailing AND by completing all subsequent forms.
  • Cancellation takes effect 30 days from the written notice - all final months payments will be pro-rated to reflect 30 days from notification with the remainder refunded.
  • To cancel an annual membership before the completion of the original term, the member must provide appropriate documentation; otherwise, the member must pay an administrative fee of $99 and forfeit their final month payment. Please consult your membership agreement or email to learn what documentation is required.
  • A 30-day active billing cycle is required to cancel. You cannot freeze your membership and then cancel to avoid the 30-day active billing cycle.


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