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Foundations classes are for individuals seeking to enter our ongoing group classes. They are designed to introduce the techniques and mechanics of CrossFit’s nine basic movements, and progress towards other secondary movements with increasing intensity. Foundations is perfect for those who are hesitant about the movements, desire more attention and time to review, or are unsure of where to begin.

Foundations consists of an Introduction to CrossFit’s basic movements, including:

  • Squats (Air/Front/Back Squats/Overhead Squat)
  • Deadlifts (Deadlift/Kettlebell Swing/Hang Clean)
  • Presses (Standing Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk)

foundations options

1. 1-day, 3-hour course

Meets on select Saturdays. 48-Hour Pre-Registration is required.

2. expresss foundations

Three 40-minute one-on-one sessions with a CrossFit Coach. Additional cost applies.

Foundations is included in your enrollment. You can also purchase Foundations separately without a membership for $99.

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Step 2:

Once you Join CrossFit Balance, email and tell us that you just joined, which of our four CrossFit Balance locations you want to make your “home CrossFit box,” and that you need to sign up for Foundations (or if you are interested in the one-on-one personal foundations sessions.)

Note: Our Foundations courses are sometimes booked one to two 3-week sessions in advance. Do not show up if you have not reserved a space!