BootCamp Challenge

90-Minutes of Fitness, Fun & Conditioning!

BootCamp Challenge
This class incorporates all the skills that we teach at Balance: strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance.
Plus, it's a great way to start your weekend - you've trained the whole week, lifting weights, run a few challenge your body.

A typical 90-minute class begins with 10-15 minutes of mobility work including dynamic stretches, partner drills, and body weight movements. Then, depending on the weather, we'll head up to the roof with our training equipment - sleds, med balls, agility ladders, sand bags - or to one of the parks around the gym.

Once there, we will run through a series of athletic drills (100 yard sprints, med ball throws, sandbag carries, kettlebell work). Finally, we make our way back for some additional metabolic conditioning and cool down. If we're inside, we will make use of the equipment inside, working on improving our strength with body weight movements like pull ups, pushups, and squats, etc. If you've played a sport, then this class will resemble a team practice with other members encouraging and challenging you at the same time.


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