Shawn Morris

Specialty: Functional Training and Weight Loss

Shawn Morris
By combining a passion for health and fitness with a love of working with people, and an ability to relate to most anyone, personal fitness training is the obvious career choice for Shawn.

Having gone through the process of being VERY out of shape and about thirty pounds overweight himself and working hard to become fit and healthy again, he “gets it,” and can relate to the struggle. He puts his personal experience to great use when creating personalized whole-body fitness and health programs that focus on learning to safely progress through new skills and helping you discover new strength and abilities you never knew you had.

Sports were a big part of Shawn’s life from very early on all the way through high school: everything from football, baseball, and soccer to tennis and very recently as an adult, rugby. He has been a CrossFit athlete for about a year which is where he began his journey to getting back in shape and discovering his love of fitness.

Shawn is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. Whether you are trying to lose some weight and tone up, take your sports performance to the next level, or just achieve general fitness and wellness, Shawn can put together a fun, challenging, results-driven program for you!

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