Kevin Carlson

Specialty: Functional Training and Weight Loss

Kevin Carlson

Kevin believes that life is all about becoming the strongest version of yourself and he aims to help his clients accomplish this through safe and structured training which pushes them both mentally and physically.

Kevin has 10+ years of experience in the training arena working with people of all athletic abilities and physical talents. He has spent multiple years working as a strength and conditioning coach at the high school and collegiate level, as well as working with private clients of all ages and ability levels in the private training setting. He strives to be a "learn-it-all" and not a "know-it-all” in order to provide the best possible experience for his clients.

Kevin has the knowledge, experience, and skill set to help you meet any of your goals, whether they include weight loss, building a bigger, leaner physique, getting back on a routine after time away from the gym, rehabbing through an injury or simply feeling better on a daily basis.


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