Neil Lybecker

Specialty: Functional Training and Weight Loss

Neil Lybecker
Neil has been around fitness and athletics since he could climb on a jungle gym.
He was one of the first freshmen at his high school to not only be on the varsity baseball team, but to start. He was a three-sport varsity athlete playing wide receiver in football, point guard in basketball & shortstop/pitcher in baseball. While playing sports it became apparent to Neil that maintaining a high level of fitness could be a huge advantage over his competitors. He relished knowing that while other players needed rest, he could stay on the field.

Along the way Neil discovered how important proper nutrition was to providing a healthy lifestyle. Neil has always found that the body and mind can benefit greatly from a good nutritional foundation. As a Personal Chef Neil has concentrated on creating balanced, nutritional oriented meals. In Neil’s cooking he never sacrifices flavor while accomplishing the goal of putting a healthy meal on the table.

In both cooking and training Neil adheres to the philosophy that proper technique done with precision and good form can account for much. Neil’s goal in training a client is to help them achieve the goals that they’re looking to accomplish, while providing a safe and fun environment in which to do it in. Neil strives to help his clients turn weaknesses into strengths.

Two of Neil’s favorite quotes are “Where you place your will, there you will achieve.” And “What you plant, you cultivate.” If you want to change yourself, you have to devote yourself to the process. Neil considers the mind to be the most powerful muscle in our body and it can be a giant factor in overcoming adversity and attaining your personal goals.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED Certified
Personal Chef


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