Ben Wiedemer

Specialty: Sports Conditioning

Ben Wiedemer

Ben Wiedemer (BFA, ACE), a professional rugby player and former college football player, has worked with strength coaches and trainers from all over the US and the world. 

Now he brings those experiences to Balance Gym as the Director of Personal Training for Balance Gym Thomas Circle.

Ben has played rugby professionally in Ireland and has represented the United States on several occasions. Ben received his Bachelor's Degree in economics from LaSalle University in Philadelphia and is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Focusing on fitness and conditioning, Ben believes that everyone can train harder and will see the benefits of that hard work, whether it be an expert tri-athlete or a someone just returning to fitness. In addition to conditioning, Ben uses Olympic lifts as well as functional training to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. Ben offers a variety of programs suited specifically to his client's goals.

Clients, and their bodies for that matter, will always be challenged to push themselves as Ben believes that there is no single workout program that will get an individual to achieve his or her goals but instead a wide variety of exercise techniques.


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