Bonnie Schiffman

Specialty: Functional Training

Bonnie Schiffman
Bonnie's most important goal is to have each client feeling better when they leave the gym than when they felt walking in.
She focuses on increasing energy, stamina, strength, and flexibility, which in turn increases self esteem and a positive attitude.

Bonnie's fitness journey started in a Zumba class. A dancer by training, she knew after her first class that she wanted to help others feel that same positive energy she felt walking out of the gym. She started teaching Zumba classes in 2012, and since then has expanded to also teaching barre and total body conditioning. Bonnie is a certified personal trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Bonnie loves training her clients because with every session brings more confidence and drive. Progress in numbers is great, but the best progress is in higher energy and a positive presence. Bonnie loves to push her clients past their limits, so that they realize that the only limits they had were the ones they created themselves!

No two clients are the same, every body moves differently, learns differently, and adapts differently. Therefore, no two sessions are the same, and Bonnie's goal is to create a plan that works just for you.

With commitment and an open mind, you can create your best self. All you have to do is trust that you can, and remember why you started!


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