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Pilates Mat

Pilates classes involve exercises that are performed in a fluid and rhythmic fashion, leaving one feeling strong and centered with optimal body alignment and posture. 

Developed by Joseph Pilates to focus on strengthening the core, Pilates is one of the world's most innovative exercise methods - and Balance Gym has recruited some of the method's best instructors in Washington DC. 

Balance Gym Glover Park is home to several experienced Pilates instructors who offer both one-on-one and semi-private Pilates reformer training sessions and group mat classes.

Pilates Mat Classes

Calling all men and women who thought they couldn’t get any stronger! Come take a Pilates mat class and see for yourself how heavy your leg actually is when you are asked to circle it 10 times in each direction straight up in the air. For Joe Pilates, the 34 exercises that comprise what we call “Pilates” today is the ultimate, the end-all-be-all, full stop. It’s you, your body, your mind and gravity, maybe some fun props thrown in like the magic circle, and that’s it. Can you make it through 50 minutes of muscle endurance? Don’t forget to breathe.

Pilates Mat classes are included in your Balance Gym Glover Park membership. 



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