Right Start Package

Reach Your Goals Faster with a Right Start Package

Joining a gym is a HUGE first step toward meeting your fitness goals!  After that though, you may find that you're asking yourself - "OK, I'm here, now what do I do?"  For only $50*, new Balance Gym Members can choose between a Right Start Personal Training Package or a Right Start CrossFit Package, to help you determine and design a plan to reach your physical goals.


MichaelU5Personal Training Package

4-Session Package Includes 3 Personal Training Sessions and 1 Balance Mobility Assessment

3 Personal Training Sessions will test your fitness levels, educate you on various training methods, and help you form a plan. 

Balance Mobility Assessment evaluates irregularities and asymmetries in the body's ability to stabilize and move efficiently. The assessment focuses on the hips and thoracic spin, proper function of which is key to injury prevention and continued athletic improvement.


Emily.FoundationsCrossFit Package

CrossFit Package Includes Foundations Course PLUS- 3 Regular CrossFit Classes

Foundations is designed to introduce the techniques and mechanics of CrossFit's basic movements. All exercises can be modified to fit your fitness level and existing injuries.

The Foundations Course Teaches Basic CrossFit Movements Including: Squats, Deadlifts, and Presses



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*The Right Start Packages is available for $50 for new members only, within 30 days of joining Balance Gym. Package available for non-members for $250. 


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