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Four ReasonstoAddBalanceBootcamptoYourWorkoutRoutine

Four ReasonstoAddBalanceBootcamptoYourWorkoutRoutine

If you’re looking to shake up your workout routine this spring, look no further than Balance’s signature bootcamp class, which combines functional fitness and athletic conditioning for a killer workout! Not sure about the class? Here are four reasons you should definitely give it a try:

You’ll Never Get Bored: Our bootcamp classes have been described as “workout roulette” – no two classes are exactly the same. But whether you’re running up and down the stairs, doing a circuit workout that incorporates TRX and heavy weights, or doing a cardio workout with a partner, one thing is for sure – you’re getting a great workout every time.

The Classes Are For Everyone: Whether you’ve never done a burpee before or consider yourself a fitness pro, bootcamp classes are completely scalable so that everyone can participate, and get stronger and faster every time.

You’ll Get More Comfortable In the Gym: Most bootcamp classes incorporate a variety of different movements and equipment, which you can then use to enhance other workouts. The classes are also a great opportunity to make new #fitfriends!

Our Instructors Are Awesome: Are you afraid to try bootcamp because you think you’ll get yelled at? Think again. Not only are all of Balance’s bootcamp instructors incredibly friendly, they’re also super experienced and can help modify the class to help you have a great workout.

Balance Bootcamp is offered at all Balance locations multiple times a day. Make sure to come check it out!