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Balance Lagree Fitness Class Washington DC

Balance Lagree

​Also known as “Pilates on steroids,” Balance Burn uses the M3S Megaformer to provide the most innovative & aggressive approach to full-body conditioning, minus the wear and tear on your joints.

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Balance CrossFit Washington DC


​We have always believed that athletic and functional training delivers the best results for all. We believe CrossFit is second to none in delivering the ultimate training experience.

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Balance Personal Training Washington DC

Personal Training

​Home to D.C.’s best personal trainers several years in a row, Balance Gym has built a reputation around its top notch training staff. All of Balance’s trainers are highly educated and certified with years of experience in the health and fitness field.

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Balance Aquatics Studio Class Washington DC


An invigorating aquatic workout that incorporates resistance and interval training, cardiovascular conditioning, and stretching.

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Balance Barre

​The Balance Barre technique concentrates on developing core strength, lifting the seat muscles, creating postural alignment, and toning the whole body without creating bulk.

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Balance Blast

​This 30-minute express class is designed to blast your abs and glutes with a series of intervals. Be ready to work and feel the burn!

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Balance Body

​A high-intensity class designed to aid in the development of overall fitness level and a well-rounded physique. Participants will utilize barbell complexes for strength gains interspersed with body weight intervals.

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Balance Bootcamp

​The boot camp class offered at Balance focuses on high heart rate training, designed to improve stamina, endurance, and body composition.

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Balance Barbell Club Washington DC

Weightlifting Class

​​Whether you want to work on your Olympics lifts or add more weight to your power lifts, the Barbell Club is here to help you work on mechanics in a supportive, constructive environment.

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Balance Core Fitness Class Washington DC

Balance Core

​Low impact, core focused, and functional movement class all rolled into one! Isolation work with slower, controlled reps or pulses, using body weight, bands, sliders and dumbbells.

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Balance Fit Studio Class Washington DC

Balance Fit

​A circuit-style class involving multiple strength stations to get maximal muscular and cardiovascular endurance by using long work intervals. Put your head down and put in work!

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Balance Ride Spin Class Washington DC

Balance Ride

​​An indoor-cycling class that’s a fun, athletic workout. You’ll burn a ton of calories, get lean, increase lower-body strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

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Balance Strong Fitness Class Washington DC

Balance Strong

​​A strongman/woman class that takes place of the Balance Gym Thomas Circle rooftop during the nicer months.

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Bells and Brawn Fitness Class Washington DC

Bells & Brawn

​​A circuit-based fusion class utilizing TRX suspension straps and kettlebells, alternating between different functional exercises.

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Balance Body Pump Studio Class Washington DC


​​Get a great total body workout in this one-of-a-kind class designed by Les Mills.

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Balance Boxing Studio Class Washington DC


​​An hour long class devoted to mastering the Art of Boxing. Students will learn the fundamentals of the sport such as proper balance and footwork, as well as learning the correct way to deliver a punch.

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Balance Kick Boxing Studio Class Washington DC


​​This class is a combination of cardio, boxing, and martial arts providing a total body workout.

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​Mobility is an athletic-based 30 minute stretching class. Relax and recover!

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Balance Power Pilates Studio Class Washington DC


​​An exercise technique developed by Joseph Pilates that focuses on strengthening the core. Exercises are performed in a fluid and rhythmic fashion.

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Balance Piloxing Studio Class Washington DC


​​PILOXING® cardio fusion incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina.

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Balance Pound Studio Class Washington DC


​​Pound is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.

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Balance Pole Dance Studio Class Washington DC

Pole Dance

​​Join us for an exhilarating Pole Dance workout designed to push your body to its limits and build total body strength!

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Balance Power Pilates Studio Class Washington DC

Power Pilates

​​A mat Pilates class that incorporates strength and resistance training focused on core musculature and increased flexibility.

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Balance WandaWoman Studio Class Washington DC

Silver Sneakers

​This class is designed for Seniors – Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.

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Balance Silver Sneakers Studio Class Washington DC

WandaWoman Dance®

​Ready for 60 minutes of high energy, fun, cardio, hip hop, jazz dance workout? If so, get ready to Sweat and Turn Up with Wanda; best known as WandaWoman.

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Balance Yoga Studio Class Washington DC


​Yoga is one of the world’s most popular types of exercise, and is unique in its ability to bring benefits to all regardless of age or ailment.

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Balance Zumba Studio Class Washington DC


​​Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

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