Andrew Shniderman | CrossFit Training for Kids in Glover Park
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Andrew Shniderman

“Sports teach important values for life including sportsmanship, teamwork, determination and hard work.”

Health and fitness have always been front and center for Andrew. He knows the value of incorporating different training styles to keep workouts fun and effective. Through fitness he is able to teach others how to improve their lives, both mind and body. Andrew established Balance Gym’s Youth Programs so that all kids can learn to succeed and better their future.

Strong body, strong mind, powerful future. “Participating in sports played one of the greatest roles in shaping my young adult life. Sports taught me some important values: sportsmanship, teamwork, determination and hard work.” These values are sometimes hard to teach in children. Experience truly is the best teacher. When kids are on a field or in a gym, they open themselves up in a unique way. The challenges faced in fitness activities are some of the best lessons a child can encounter. Teaching kids how to succeed physically will encourage them to take on other challenges and strive for more success. This will carry on well into their adult lives.


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