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Caitlin Jones

Growing up, Caitlin was never really “into” sports and didn’t really become active until college when a friend convinced her to stop being so lazy and join the crew team at ODU. Being part of a team changed her life and she kept rowing after college when she moved to DC. After 6 years of participating in only one sport, it began to take its toll though and she was plagued by shoulder injuries. In 2009, another friend suggested she try CrossFit to help build the strength needed for rowing. After that first WOD, she was sold.

The community, methodology, and focus on mobility and strength are what Caitlin loves the most about CrossFit. In 2013, she decided to get her Level 1 to help others overcome injuries and realize their potential. She also has taken the CrossFit Defense course before it was a certification, is CrossFit Gymnastics Certified, a USAW Sports Performance Coach, and is FMS certified.