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Collin Bubke

Gym Location

Foggy Bottom

Collin Bubke

Collin’s Experience

Collin has 10+ years of personal training experience under his belt.

He’s always been athletic and been interested in sports performance. Collin also has a bad family history of all kinds of heath problems, so he wanted to do what he could to stave off those ill-inherited effects by getting and staying fit.

He has a background in Olympic weightlifting, so anything that Collin does is done to full range of motion. He believes in doing the basic movements as technically sound as possible and keeping those movements challenging by changing little things within those movements.


Collin has the USAW and FMS certifications.

Collin and Sports

Growing up, he played almost every sport that was available to him.

Collin has done a lot:

  • triathlons,
  • weightlifting
  • basketball
  • golf and others.

He still enjoys competing in some of these sports!

What Else About Collin?

 I work as a strength coach at Georgetown, so most of my training has some sort of athletic-based reasoning behind it. Even though some of my clients in the past haven’t been athletes, I think these movements are good for people to do so they can function as efficiently as they can.

Fun Fact

I fly airplanes too.

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