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Fiorella Puma


Strength and Conditioning

Gym Location

Capitol Hill

Fiorella Puma

Experienced Personal Trainer Certified in January, Ready to Help Clients Achieve Fitness Goals

With several months of experience training friends and family, I recently completed my certification in January and am now officially starting my journey as a personal trainer, eager to work with clients and help them achieve their fitness objectives.

Personal Health Journey Inspires Career in Fitness Industry

After facing challenges with my physical and mental health, I turned to fitness and nutrition to transform my life. Now, I’m passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle.

Personalized Training Approach with Focus on Comfort and Enjoyment

While weight training is my specialty, my priority as a personal trainer is to make my clients feel comfortable and motivated during their workouts. Training should never feel like a chore, but rather an enjoyable experience for both the body and mind.

Pursuing Bodybuilding Specialization to Enhance Training Expertise

Continuously seeking to expand my knowledge and expertise, I am currently studying to become a certified bodybuilding specialist. This additional certification will allow me to further tailor my training programs to meet the unique needs and goals of my clients.

Passion for Tennis and Holistic Fitness Approach

As a former tennis player, I appreciate the benefits of sports and hobbies in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I believe in taking a holistic approach to fitness, incorporating different forms of physical activity to make workouts enjoyable and sustainable for my clients.

Future Plans for Nutrition Studies and Social Media Fitness Sharing

In addition to my current certifications, I have plans to study nutrition and further enhance my understanding of the impact of diet on fitness goals. I also enjoy sharing my day-to-day routines and fitness recommendations on social media, connecting with a wider audience and inspiring others on their fitness journeys.

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Strength and Conditioning,