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Kolaleh Torkaman


Mobility and Recovery

Gym Location

Capitol Hill

Kolaleh Torkaman

My Training Background

I’ve been a personal trainer for about a year but I’ve been training myself for 10. —I don’t know what I’ve  been training like crazy for but I hope it never happens ;D

Why did I Get Into the Fitness Industry?

Through my own injuries I became fascinated by the human biomechanics, injury prevention, and understanding pain – and that’s how I got into the fitness industry.

My Approach to Training

I have a holistic approach to training in that I integrate mobility, flexibility, balance, core, and not just have cardio and weights. I want my clients to not injure themselves picking up their kid because they have no mobility in their thoracic spine, or reaching over the fridge for a box of cereal because their rotator cuffs don’t engage properly.

What can a new client expect?

My clients, unless they’re specifically focused on muscle growth, can expect to do some functional training, while we focus on improving muscle imbalances. We’d work on progressing them from stability to strength to power – so for example, stability exercises could be push ups on a bosu ball, or perhaps we’d do bench presses, and medicine ball chest presses. —It all depends on your personal physical stability needs which we’ll discover together.

What’s My favorite exercise?

Posterior Landmine Squat to include the core, and balance.

What I’m learning about right now

I’m finding agility and athletic training fun – I’m also learning about the benefits of dynamic and loaded movement, and recruiting muscle sets together – for example, how do we get your core to fire when you’re using your glute—to something as simple as walking – taking the pressure off your back.

What Else About Me?

  • I’ve been told I’m a good motivator—and I think I am!
  • I’m results driven – I hold myself accountable to the client.
  • I like to communicate to the client about what we’re working on.

How do I challenge myself?

I like hiking – one of my favorite hikes in this area is Billy Goat – and I’d like to master running it some day.


Mobility and Recovery,