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Michale Reyes

Michale Reyes

About Me

I have been a Trainer now for about 2 and a half years.

Why Fitness?

I decided to get into the fitness industry because of a passion I developed after working on my own transformation. After finishing my collegiate track career I wanted to bulk up and really put on some muscle, and after having so much fun going through that process on my own I realized how cool it would be to impact other people the same way.

My Style of Training

My approach to training is closer to the idea of tough love. I think everyone sets limitations on themselves that aren’t necessarily anywhere near what they are truly capable of, so I do my best to push people past these limitations that they place on themselves and show them that they have so much more in the tank than they could have ever imagined.

My Training Chops

As far as certification goes, I’m actually studying to get a nutritional cert to be able to give better dietary advice, and I’m also looking into getting other certs as well to expand my knowledge and credentials.


Through High School I played soccer and ran track, I continued my track career into and through the entirety of college while assisting a club team with coaching whenever I came home over the summer.

Fun Facts

As a little more about myself, I still love athletic competition so I tend to play basketball and soccer on weekends or whenever I just get the chance. I also do a bit of boxing myself, outside of those things I’m an avid hiker and I go camping as often as I can.