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Stephanie Varin


Strength and Conditioning


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Foggy Bottom

Stephanie Varin

Certified Personal Trainer with Over a Year of Coaching Experience Offers Expertise

Are you looking for a certified Personal Trainer who can guide you on your fitness journey? Look no further! Hi, I’m Stephanie V. a passionate fitness enthusiast and certified Personal Trainer since January 2023. However, my experience goes beyond the certification. I have been coaching and assisting friends and family with their workouts for over a year, allowing me to develop a strong foundation in Personal Training.

Empowering Young Woman Shares Life-Changing Power of Weightlifting

Ever since I was a young teen, fitness has been my passion. It was weightlifting, especially, that transformed my life after the pandemic hit. It not only helped me grow into my own as a young adult in college but also nurtured my mental toughness and discipline when motivation seemed scarce. As a young woman, weightlifting became an empowering outlet and a means to connect with like-minded individuals. Recognizing the remarkable power of exercise, I decided to turn my passion into a profession and entered the fitness industry. Now, I aim to share my knowledge and passion with others who are seeking transformation and empowerment through Personal Training.

My Approach Focuses on Routine, Fundamentals, and Enjoyment

When it comes to my training style, I prioritize routine and fundamentals. I strongly believe in helping clients find a training style they genuinely enjoy. It is crucial for them to understand the purpose behind each movement, which is why I strive to eliminate confusion and establish clear communication. I want my clients to be fully engaged and invested in their fitness journey.

Specializing in Female Strength Training to Empower Girls and Women

While I specialize in female strength training, I cater to clients with a diverse range of goals. My expertise in strength training comes from my personal passion for lifting weights, and my ultimate objective is to encourage more girls and women to embrace the benefits of weight training.

Passionate Athlete and Volunteer Coach Offers Diverse Fitness Expertise

Additionally, my athletic background includes competitive tennis and track, and I continue to engage in recreational sports such as tennis, squash, and racquetball. As a volunteer coach for young tennis players and a contributor to Georgetown’s Special Olympics Young Athletes program, I am committed to giving back to the community.

Georgetown Graduate Seeks to Excel in Fitness Industry and Pursue Advanced Education

As a recent Georgetown graduate, I am eager to dive deeper into the fitness industry. In the near future, I plan to pursue my MBA or MS in Sports Business to enhance my knowledge and skills. In my free time, you can find me cooking, playing squash, reading (I’m a big Malcolm Gladwell fan), and curating playlists on Spotify.

Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Let’s connect and start achieving your goals together through my personal training!


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