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Personal Training Month At Balance Gym2022-07-10T18:50:14-04:00


New to fitness? Just getting back to your routines? Personal Training Month is HERE! During the month of July, we’ll showcase several free workshops each week that teach the fundamentals of getting your fitness right and back on track. Details below.



Tuesday, July 12th 6:00pm–7pm
Thomas Circle
Coach: Devin
  • Bulgarian Bag Training is an incredible tool due to its effect on explosive power, grip strength, endurance, and total body intense conditioning.
  • Bulgarian Bag workouts can deliver a powerful effect on the metabolic rate – much like kettlebells – meaning greater potential for fat loss.
  • While admittedly not as sexy as six pack abs, strong grip strength not just for arm-wrestlers and cattle ranchers. Bags and bells are unparalleled for gaining grip strength, which can carry over into EVERY other lift and sport!
  • You’ll get a stronger backside! Just about everything from jumping higher, running faster, kicking harder and better posture comes from a strong posterior chain. Your glutes and hamstrings are your power source for building hip speed and explosive strength. Every muscle in your posterior chain will be enhanced with ballistic kettlebell and bag movements.
  • The beauty of the bell and the bags is the ability to transition from movement to movement seamlessly which includes movements that take you out of the sagittal plane. The rotational nature of the spin and arm throw carryover well to any sport that uses a rotational movement – think golf and racket sports.

Fitness and Mobility 101

Tuesday, July 19th, 6pm–7pm
Foggy Bottom
Coach: Paul D.
  • This workshop is designed to cover the basics of training; functional movements and mobility
  • Anyone who goes to the gym should know the basics of training and mobility so that they can train in an effective, efficient and safe manner.
  • Mobility work can help everyone, whether you are recovering from an injury or just feeling the effects of sitting at a desk.
  • The workshop will cover how to do a lunge, squat (with and without weight), push up, body weight row, and core work.
  • The mobility portion will focus on foam rolling, and hip and back mobility

Intro to Lagree


The Lagree method was invented by Sebastien Lagree and built to create a high intensity, low impact workout for fast results without injury. Balance Lagree is practiced at our Glover Park studio on the M3S Megaformer machine.

Since this Lagree workout uses the small muscle fibers that don’t get strengthened in other workouts, Lagree is a great addition to H.I.I.T. and CrossFit training. This fat-burning, core tightening workout is perfect for people of all ages and abilities, from novices to professional athletes.

Tuesday, July 19th, 6pm–7pm
Glover Park
Coach: Lissa P.
  • Whole body workout in 45 minutes. Balance Lagree focuses on arms, core, legs, and obliques in every class. Get tighter core, glutes, and more after just three weeks!
  • Tighten that core. Tighten your core while working all other muscles in this core-intensive workout.
  • Save those joints. Lagree’s low-impact routines work your small twitch muscles and increase strength without hurting your joints. This workout is perfect for recovering from an injury.
  • Never plateau. We provide modifications to make moves easier or harder and have specialized classes for everything from Fundamentals to Arms & Abs. This workout never gets “easy” and works for all ages so you can keep it in your workout regimen for as long as you are hitting the gym.

Women’s Barbell 101

Tuesday, July 26th, 6pm–7pm
Thomas Circle
Coach: Kellyn
  • Learn the essential barbell lifts.
  • Regardless of your training objectives (performance, aesthetics etc.) effective barbell training is the most efficient way to reach those goals.
  • Barbell training can be intimidating to some people however, this workshop will help participants learn that there is no reason to be afraid of.