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Yoga Therapy2022-02-23T15:08:30-05:00

Yoga Therapy

Next-Level Yoga is Here

Unlock your body’s self-healing potential with Yoga Therapy. Help your muscles to unlearn years of incorrect movement and posture by applying therapeutic Yogic practice!

The difference between a personal yoga session and a yoga therapy session is that yoga therapy conducts assessments, and performs specific therapeutic sequencing integrated with yogic philosophy and practices to mitigate and evaluate acute or chronic conditions.

Your Instructor: Felicia Taliaferro

Felicia TaliaferroHello! I am Felicia, some call me Fela I am a yoga educator and an M.S. candidate at the Maryland University of Integrative Health where I’m earning a degree in Yoga Therapy. My work focuses on cultivating and implementing practices that support one’s quality of life. I am passionate about sharing ways to heal and navigate life with confidence, compassion, and self-awareness.I have been studying and applying many types of yoga as well as the yogic philosophy for the last 7 years from vinyasa, yin, Hot 26+2, meditation, and more. I work with individuals, communities, and organizations to educate on ways to encourage wellness, mindfulness, and overall health through holistic care, and attention to alleviate stress and manage other health conditions.



Practice stabilizing and mobility practices that support functional movements in daily life. Cultivate techniques to bring awareness to the core and pelvic floor Establish stress reduction practices to mitigate pain and discomfort. Design a personal practice!


“The humanback reflects acutely andchronically, thedisharmonies of our sedentary Western lifestyle.” (Schatz,1992). Yoga programs for adults with chronic or recurrent low back pain led to greater improvements in back function than did usual care.” (Tilbrook et. al. 2011)

“One of the greatest benefits of the yoga approach is that it helps combat the negative effects of pain, disability, and stress on your mind and body.” (Schatz,1992).

Yoga Therapy Series for Releasing and Teaching the Lower Body and Relieving Stress

Yoga Therapy Series: March 5th – April 2nd

For Relieving Lower Back Pain and Stress
$80 One time charge.
A four-week yoga program developed to support your low back, lower body, mitigating stress, and more.
This special series includes specialized plans of care using therapeutic yoga sequencing, mindfulness practices, and evidence-informed research.
  • Assessments are  required at the start and end of this series
  • For everyone! Immobile, hyper-mobile, new to yoga, and those with yoga experience welcome.
  • One (1) Mobility Assessment
  • One intake

Private Yoga Sessions

The ultimate in Yoga practice with one-on-one instruction with Felicia Taliaferro. We will contact you with the dates and times for your sessions.

Single Session

$55 One-time charge.

Private Yoga Sessions 5-Pack

$260 One-time charge.

Private Yoga Sessions 10-Pack

$490 One-time charge.

Private Yoga Therapy

Correct and balance muscle tensions. Think physical therapy done with Yoga practice. We will contact you with the dates and times for your sessions.

Private Yoga Therapy Single Session

$65 One-time charge.


  • Intake Session
  • Assessment and Muscle Tests

Private Yoga Therapy 5-Pack

$310 One-time charge.


  • Intake Session
  • Assessment and Muscle Tests

Private Yoga Therapy 10-Pack

$590 One-time charge.


  • Intake Session
  • Assessment and Muscle Tests

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Capitol Hill will remain closed the remainder of today, and will resume normal hours tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 20th, 2021.