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By day, Audrey Lamb works for an international law firm in Washington, DC. By night, she teaches Balance Ride classes at Balance Gym. Learn why she loves teaching Balance Ride and how she fits fitness into her busy schedule! Want to take a class with Audrey? Catch her Rhythm Ride class at Thomas Circle on Monday nights, Friday afternoons, and Sunday mornings.


Name: Audrey Lamb

Occupation: Business Development and Practice Management at an international law firm

Instagram Handle: audreylamb

Hometown: Boston, city of champions!

How long have you been with Balance? I’ve taught Balance Ride at Thomas Circle for over 3 years. 

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your fitness background? 

I’ve been a certified spinning instructor for nearly 7 years, teaching at gyms all over VA and DC. I’m also a certified holistic health coach, so my classes really emphasize the mind/body connection.

Tell us about Rhythm Ride. What are the classes like? What can someone expect going into the class for the first time?  

It’s more than just a “dance party on a bike”. Don’t be intimidated by tap backs and fast jogs- resistance is always still key so you will get stronger AND have a great time.

How did you get started with fitness training/teaching? 

I’m the perennial “camp counselor” – I love being a motivating leader and have always been involved in team sports. My mom, who introduced me to spinning, encouraged me to start teaching when I moved to DC 10 years ago.

What is your favorite thing about teaching Balance Ride/Rhythm Ride? How is it unique compared to other cycling studios/classes?  

In Balance Ride classes, you get the studio cycling experience without the price tag. Our members and instructors are as enthusiastic, motivated and loyal as you would find anywhere else.

What are your favorite kinds of workouts (either to take or to teach)?

Obviously, I love riding stationary bikes while screaming and sweating in a dark room. I don’t do yoga nearly often enough, but it’s a great way to recover and give my body a break from spinning 5-6 days a week.

What are some of your gym must-haves? 

Fun leggings! Terez are my favorite brand. Invest in workout clothes you can’t wait to wear and it will motivate you to get to the gym.

What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack (to cook at home or to eat on the go)?  

Lots of lean protein, green vegetables, sweet potatoes…. and also copious amounts of cheese and wine. Moderation not deprivation!

How do you suggest people fit working out into their busy schedules?  

On Sunday nights, set your intention for the week and plan out your workout schedule. I also recommend working out first thing in the morning so that work/life doesn’t create excuses for you to skip later in the day. I am NOT a morning person so I totally sympathize with hitting that snooze, but just remind yourself how amazing you will feel an hour later after class… plus it will boost your energy for your workday.

What are your favorite things about Balance? Why do you love working here? 

My favorite thing is definitely the members – thanks for laughing at my awkward jokes!

#BalanceLife is: a community that likes to train hard and play hard!