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Personal Training2023-08-17T08:48:57-04:00

Personal Training at Balance Gym

Rated Top Washington DC Personal Training Facility Several Years in a Row

If you are living or working in the Washington DC metropolitan area, you have a great opportunity to work out at one of Balance Gym’s three convenient locations.  Balance, rated Washington D.C.’s best personal training facilities several years in a row would love to help you get started or continue working at achieving your fitness goals.   With a well balanced staff of certified fitness experts, you’ll be able to find a personal trainer that specializes in the type of exercise you are interested in and be assured they are experienced and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.  All of your workouts and custom programs will be safe, result-driven, and in-line with your goals and objectives.

Benefits of Working With Balance Personal Trainers

  • Learn to Exercise Correctly
  • Goal Driven
  • Faster Results
  • Motivation
  • Safer
  • Variety in Workouts
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gains
  • Break Through Your Plateaus
  • Accountability
  • Challenging
  • Establish Lifelong Fitness and Exercise Habits

Personal Training Benefits All Types of Athletes

What Type of Athlete Are You?

Personal training is for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Whether you are brand new to fitness or have been training for decades, personal trainers are there to support you.

  • Never stepped inside of a gym? A personal trainer is invaluable in helping you establish lifelong exercise habits. Personal trainers can help you achieve fitness goals, but they also help you reevaluate how you view health and wellness. The most important job of our trainers is to help you realize fitness should be a priority in your life—not an item to check off your to-do list.
  • Just joining our gym? A personal trainer can help you find all of the equipment and tools you need, as well as help orient you to the location. They can help you explore the core values of the gym and how it can support your goals.
  • Not sure if you are doing it right? If you haven’t videoed yourself or worked with a coach before, you are missing an external pair of eyes to look at the specific form cues that your body needs. Lifting weights without proper form is a recipe for lasting or serious injuries, and a personal trainer can teach you the right form and correct you through the exercises, which not only reduces the risk of injuries but also makes that exercise more effective for YOU and your physiology.
  • Been training for a while but not really seeing results? A personal trainer can make sure you spend your time performing the right exercises with the proper equipment. Personal trainers are also ideal for individuals who can only commit a limited amount of time to the gym per week. A personal trainer can maximize your time to see real results.
  • Feeling burnt-out in the gym? Even the most experienced gym-goer will encounter the dreaded plateau. Once you stop seeing results, you may feel your interest in fitness start to dwindle. A personal trainer can identify new techniques to push beyond the plateau and be there to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.
  • Having trouble making it to the gym every week? It is easy to fall off the wagon if there isn’t someone waiting for you to show up and get it in. A personal trainer is a far better cheerleader and a much better push to get up and get to the gym than a blaring alarm!

Personal Training Offerings

  • Strength Building – This is Balance Gym’s bread and butter: we believe that the foundation of true fitness is strength, and there is no better way to get strong than with a structured, progressive program that is crafted and guided by a personal trainer. Everyone needs strength work; and it’s not about “bulking up”: as you get past your teens/20’s, strength work becomes crucial to maintain muscle and improve your well-being. A good base of strength will allow you to improve your overall health, burn fat, and prevent imbalances that can lead to injury.
  • Weight Loss – This is often cited as the #1 reason why people choose personal training, but the answer is usually a little more in depth: clients really just want to look good naked and feel great in their daily lives. Balance Gym trainers are trained to guide you through changes in your body composition to maximize your assets, making weight loss fun and sustainable.
  • Running – Running is one of the most accessible forms of fitness, but it is still a skill. Our trainers can help you maximize your runs and train you for those PR’s.
  • Olympic Lifting – They call it “Olympic” for a reason: the discipline is an intensive sport that can take years to master! Balance Gym believes in the power of the barbell and many of our trainers hold Team USA Weightlifting Certifications.
  • Power Lifting and Strongman – Power lifting and Strongman training involves complex movements and requires unique training methods to pack on muscle and strength.  Working with a Balance trainer will reduce your risk of injury, educate you on proper form and technique, and customize a program specific to gaining the muscle mass, weight, and strength needed to compete or train like a strong man!
  • CrossFit – Crossfit, probably our most dynamic workout program has a tremendous amount of variety, which equates to a lot of new movements and exercises you’ll need to properly learn.  In addition, being educated about proper rest, nutrition, and workout schedules is essential to Crossfit success.  Be comforted that a Balance personal trainer will guide you through the ins and outs of Crossfit regardless of your experience level.
  • Post Rehabilitation –  Injury rehabilitation is much different than it was even ten years ago.  Many (but not all) sport related injuries require a strict and proper rehabilitation program.  It is very important to begin rehab as soon as your doctor provides the green light to get back to the gym.  Having a Balance personal trainer assist you with a program your doctor provided, or a custom program specific to your injury type will ensure you are on the right path to a speedy and safe recovery.
  • Injury Prevention – Injuries can occur when someone is misinformed or not educated about how to exercise properly.  Injuries can also happen when someone is overly tired, doesn’t take the necessary rest, or overwork a muscle group.  All of these risks can be easily avoided when an athlete is properly informed and educated.  It is essential you take the time and effort to learn the proper way to train.  Having a personal trainer is the best way to avoid injury.  You will learn the right techniques, understand the importance of rest, know the proper amount of weight to be using and be able to evaluate the frequency of your workouts.
  • Sports Conditioning – Balance was founded by a professional athlete and many of the personal trainers at Balance Gym are athletes themselves.  If you want to look and feel like an athlete, then it is time to start training like one.  Meet with a Balance trainer and get a great program specific for your sport and athletic goals.

Meet the Balance Trainers

Balance trainers are located throughout Washington DC, providing you the convenience and flexibility you need for your lifestyle.  Get to know some of our trainers >


Get Started With a Personal Trainer!

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