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Now you don’t have to call the doctor or go somewhere else to ask about that “pinching pain I had today when doing an overhead press” or “muscle spasm in my back during spinning.” Meet our physical therapy partner ·— Purvi Sheth with Pure Sports Physical Therapy based at Balance Gym Glover Park.·

Purvi has worked at Georgetown University Sports Medicine Department and as a senior physical therapist at the Sports Club/LA. She then launched SET Sports PhysicalTherapy in 2007, where she practiced as orthopedic director. In March 2013 Purvi founded and launched Pure Sports Physical Therapy and is now based at Balance Gym in Glover Park.

Purvi obtained her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialty (CSCS) certification in 2009 and specializes in sports medicine and orthopedics with a concentration in manual therapy, including functional trigger point dry needling.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Purvi at or call 202-656-8184. Please visit for more information.