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Thomas Circle2022-08-03T15:52:32-04:00

Important Announcement

Balance is sad to announce that we will be moving our main gym at 1339 Green Court NW (Thomas Circle location) to a new facility, TBD. The 1339 Green Court Location will close permanently July 31st, 2022. While bittersweet, we have several exciting new alternative fitness facilities and membership options to help ease this transition for you, our members.

What’s Next?

All Thomas Circle home gym memberships will be transferred to our Foggy Bottom facility, located at 2401 M ST NW until further notice. More on this transition included in the FAQ (below). Contact tchelp@balancegym.com for questions about your membership changes. All members are encouraged to explore our other locations (Foggy Bottom, Glover Park, and Capitol Hill) for their various amenities, classes and training personnel.


Absolutely. For our Thomas Circle members, you now have the option to either transfer or freeze your membership for up to 6 months! Additional membership options and available fitness locations can be found below.

Transferable Membership Options

Personal Training Open Gym Membership: $99/mo

    • 1111 14th St NW is where Balance’s personal training studio has been operating for nearly a decade. Now, we are offering Open Gym Access for current Personal Training (PT) clients to use on their own: Anyone who continues with their personal training at the Balance Personal Training studio (1111 14th ST NW) will now have a Passport Membership with access to all other Balance facilities throughout DC. This membership will require at least one (1) PT session per month.

PT Only

    • Members or clients may terminate their membership and either start or continue their personal training at 1111 14th ST NW. Contact tchelp@balancegym.com or visit our PT options HERE.

F45 Training U St

    • All Thomas Circle members will be eligible for an AMAZING deal at our F45 (1020 U St NW) HIIT studio FREE for 60 days!! Thereafter you may join at the discounted price of only $45/week, with no contracts. To sign up contact Kevin Kimble for details: kkimble@f45training.com

Upcoming Events:

Come and celebrate more than 10 years of operation at 1339 Green Court NW, and attend:

Friday, July 29th: Happy Hour Bootcamp 5:30 pm

Saturday, July 30th: Thomas Circle Bootcamp 10 am. Rooftop party 11am-3pm


So, what happens now?

We are searching for an alternative location in the Thomas Circle area. In the meantime, all memberships will be transferred to our Foggy Bottom location.

Will any fees apply to my cancellation if I decide not to stay?

No, we will not be charging any fees for any memberships that apply (early termination fees, processing, etc).

What are my options?

You are welcome to freeze your membership for up to 6 months or cancel if none of our other locations (above) are right for you. Please email tchelp@balancegym.com

Do you have parking at your other locations?

Yes, Capitol Hill and Glover Park have free parking, and Foggy Bottom has discounted garage parking.

Do your other locations have locker storage and barbell storage?

Yes! Email tchelp@balancegym.com to request.

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PT Open Gym


$99 / MONTH

Membership Inquiry

Contact a Balance Fitness Consultant today to learn more about our rates, program information and more.
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Balance at Thomas Circle provides our members a full suite of Signature, Premier, and Studio Classes.  Find a class you would like to participate in and book it today.

Click here to visit our class schedule!

Signature Classes

Balance Blast Fitness Class Washington DC


The 30 minute express class is designed to blast your abs and glutes with a series of intervals.  Be ready to work and feel the burn.
Learn More >

Balance Body Fitness Class Washington DC


A high-intensity class designed to aid in the development of overall fitness level and a well-rounded physique. Participants will utilize barbell complexes for strength gains interspersed with body weight intervals.
Learn More >

Balance Boot Camp Fitness Class Washington DC


​The boot camp class offered at Balance focuses on high heart rate training, designed to improve stamina, endurance, and body composition.
Learn More >

Balance Yoga Studio Class Washington DC


Regain flexibility, tranquility, and strength in our Yoga classes. Designed to increase mobility this Yoga class is one of the world’s most popular types of exercise, and is unique in its ability to bring benefits to all regardless of age or ailment.
Learn More >

Balance Core Fitness Class Washington DC


Low impact, core focused, and functional movement class all rolled into one!  Isolation work with slower controlled reps or pulses using body weight bands, sliders, and dumbbells.
Learn More >

Balance Ride Spin Class Washington DC


​​An indoor-cycling class that’s a fun, athletic workout. You’ll burn a ton of calories, get lean, increase lower-body strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance.
Learn More >

Balance Core Fitness Class Washington DC


​​A strongman/woman class that takes place of the Balance Gym Thomas Circle rooftop during the nicer months.
Learn More >


If you are living or working in the center of Washington DC, Balance Gym’s Thomas Circle PT Studio is a convenient location for you. Balance has been rated Washington D.C.’s best personal training facilities several years in a row.  Our personal trainers would love to help you get started or continue working at achieving your fitness goals. Spend a few minutes getting to know our personal trainers below.  We have a tremendous variety of certified fitness experts, each  specializing in various types of exercise.  All of your workouts and custom programs will be safe, result-driven, and in-line with your goals and objectives.


Balance at Thomas Circle PT Studio provides full service personal training introductions and packages for our members.   If you are interested in accelerating your fitness goals, following safe and effective routines, and having the extra motivation of a personal trainer, we invite you to contact us and speak with a qualified trainer directly.  Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with a trainer, 202-216-9000.


1339 Green Court, NW
1111 14th ST NW
Washington, D.C.  20005 
(202) 216-9000


MONDAY – FRIDAY: 5:30 AM – 10:00 PM
SATURDAY – SUNDAY:  8:00 AM – 6:30 PM


Reviews: Balance Gym Thomas Circle

Based on 85 reviews
Based on 113 reviews
Ted S.
22:25 10 May 19
Best powerlifting gym in DC city limits.I love training here: never have to wait on a squat rack or deadlift platform, great Rouge equipment, including Ohio Power Bars, great music. The community... is top notch and staff is great too.This is marketed as a "crossfit" gym, but it is perfect for powerlifters too. You don't get yelled at for bringing your equipment in with you and in addition to olympic bars they have really nice power bars (OHP). I meet a lot of other powerlifters here too, which is great.read more
Mateo G.
13:06 18 Mar 18
Good mix of functional fitness with traditional gym equipment. Lots of space for Olympic lifting too. Unless you're here in the early morning or the evening, there are never too many people which is... nice. There are classes offered in the morning, at noon and in the evening - good, varied range of different options.read more
Caetie O.
18:28 24 Sep 12
Easily the best gym in the city, reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere - nice but not fancy, lots of people serious about fitness. Ive gotten some of my best training advice from staff... there, Michael, Stacy, Aesha and others.read more