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Balance Lagree2024-02-02T09:34:14-05:00

What is Balance Lagree?

The Lagree method was invented by Sebastien Lagree and built to create a high intensity, low impact workout for fast results without injury. Balance Lagree is practiced in private training sessions at our Foggy Bottom location.

Since this Lagree workout uses the small muscle fibers that don’t get strengthened in other workouts, Lagree is a great addition to H.I.I.T. and CrossFit training. This fat-burning, core tightening workout is perfect for people of all ages and abilities, from novices to professional athletes.

4 Reasons to Add Lagree to Your Workout:

  1. Whole body workout in 45 minutes. Balance Lagree focuses on arms, core, legs, and obliques in every class. Get tighter core, glutes, and more after just three weeks!
  2. Tighten that core. Tighten your core while working all other muscles in this core-intensive workout.
  3. Save those joints. Lagree’s low-impact routines work your small twitch muscles and increase strength without hurting your joints. This workout is perfect for recovering from an injury.
  4. Never plateau. We provide modifications to make moves easier or harder and have specialized classes for everything from Fundamentals to Arms & Abs. This workout never gets “easy” and works for all ages so you can keep it in your workout regimine for as long as you are hitting the gym.


Private Sessions (Personal Training)

Never done Lagree? No problem! Our trainers are here to work with you. Schedule a recurring session or change the time; our trainers will track your goals and progress. Private sessions are specially designed around your needs, either short term* or long term. Recovering from an injury? Ask your doctor about Megaformer workouts. Want to target a specific muscle group? Tell your trainer and they will work with you to make it happen. Whatever your goals, personal training on the Megaformer is a great place to start. 

If you are interested in this option, but wonder if it is the right fit for you, contact our Director at [email protected]   

*If your goal is to do Lagree on your own using Open Studio, we recommend at least 10 private sessions.

Open Studio

Use the Megaformers on your own time with a guided workout! Register for Open Studio time and receive audio and video workouts you can follow along with on the machine. Designed for those who have taken 10 or more classes or private sessions.

We do not offer public classes but if you are interested in Lagree classes, please contact our Director at [email protected] for recommendations.

Open Studio

Katherine Eilers

Hey I’m Kat! I’m a personal trainer at Balance. I’ve been a strength and mobility trainer since Sept 2019. I decided to pursue fitness full time because I love seeing people find awareness and confidence […]

Lissa Piercy

Lissa Piercy is the Balance Lagree Director at Balance Gym Glover Park and works on Corporate Projects across all Balance locations. She joined Balance as a member in 2017 and quickly fell in love with […]