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GORUCK makes incredible equipment for all your rucking needs

We’ve all walked around with a backpack at one point. Lugging books, laptops, water, you name it. In this way, we’ve all done some light rucking. In the same sense that jogging is running, rucking is just walking with a backup. However, that’s the oversimplification of the process. The truth is that rucking is a sports activity for civilians that was born out of necessity for the military. 

Rucking in the military – A rucksack is the common term used for the durable military backpack that was designed to carry heavy equipment. A common form of exercise for the military, the average rucksack used in training weighs 35-100 pounds and is hauled over distances, with a common benchmark of 12 miles. The march is designed to train soldiers to carry the necessary weight of a rucksack and condition them to long journeys carrying equipment.

The exercise of rucking – On the civilian side, it has turned into an incredibly beneficial form of exercise. For those wanting
an intense workout without the high impact nature of running, rucking is a fantastic alternative. Working all the same muscles as a solid run, rucking only requires you to wear a weighted backpack and to set out on a walk. 

For beginners, walking 3 kilometers wearing a backpack weighing 10 pounds is a great start. As the progression feels easier, increased weight and longer distances can be taken on. 

Grab your friends – A great part of rucking today is that there are entire groups dedicated to working together to go on rucking trips. There’s nothing like having a buddy to workout with and keep you accountable, and that’s why our partner at GORUCK has so many groups available. Not only do they provide the excellent gear that can make rucking an enjoyable experience, but they have an entire community dedicated to the activity. 

If you’re looking for a great way to change up your workout routine, we highly encourage you to try rucking. And if you want to take it to the next level, visit our friends at GORUCK to enter challenges led by Special Forces veterans.