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The Balance 4-Week Body Transformation Challenge2022-10-02T19:26:27-04:00

Registration is Open Until October 14th — REGISTER NOW!

The ULTIMATE personal training challenge at Balance!!

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Picture a New You Four Weeks from Now!

Looking for a challenge? Need help getting motivated for your workouts or personal training? We have you covered!

Welcome to the Balance 4-Week Body Transformation Challenge. We’re kicking off the challenge on October 24th, which will be a great way to help you jump start your routine before the holiday season starts. THERE IS NO REASON TO WAIT FOR THE NEW YEAR!!!

How To Win

  • Participants will come in for a Fit 3D Body Scan at the beginning of the challenge. Included in that data will be body fat percentage, which is how we will determine the winner.
  • The participant who has the greatest relative percentage lost will be the winner! Relative percentage is how much you lost relative to your starting point, which helps keep this fair across all different body types.
  • First prize is a TheraGun Mini (and of course an amazing sense of accomplishment!).
  • There will also be prizes for the second and third place finishers.

We highly recommend thinking about training 3 times per week, as this will put participants in the best position to be successful. Additionally, these are the lowest rates we will EVER offer so it’s a great opportunity to make a big change in your life.

Got Meals?

Lastly, we have partnered with a food delivery company, Mighty Meals, to help participants on the nutrition side as well. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Balance Gym discount on Mighty Meals, let us know when you sign up.

Register NOW!

To sign up for the Balance Gym 4 Week Body Transformation Challenge, fill out the form on this page or email our Personal Training Programs Director, Paul: paul@balancegym.com.
Registration is open until October 14th!

All participants will work with a trainer at their preferred location. Participants will have the option of training two or three times per week. Sessions will be billed weekly. See below:

Option 1. Two times per week Either:
  • 40-min session, $124 per week OR
  • 60-min session, $158 per week
Option 2. Three times per week either:
  • 40-min session, $186 per week OR
  • 60-min session, $237 per week

Contact Paul@balancegym.com for payment, or visit the front desk at any location.

Registration Ends Friday, October 14th

Scan 1: Week of October 17th

Body Scans and Consultations are due.

Challenge Begins Monday, October 24th!!

Challenge Ends Monday November 14th