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Ben Sisco

Ben Sisco, Personal Trainer, Balance Gym.


CrossFit Level 1

Olympic Lifting

Gym Location

Foggy Bottom

Ben Sisco

Passionate CrossFit Instructor with a Client-Centered Approach

As a certified CrossFit instructor and trainer for over 3 years, I’m living my passion for personal training.

Certified CrossFit Trainer Committed to Improving Overall Health and Well-being

Nothing is more fulfilling than helping people improve their overall health and well-being through exercise and nutrition. I approach personal training with a client-centered focus, honing in on individual needs, goals, and preferences.

Individualized Approach to Training with Emphasis on Safety and Progression

Whether it’s proper form, technique, or progressions, safety and results are always at the forefront of my mind.

Multiple Certifications in Fitness Instruction and Lifeguarding

In addition to my CrossFit certification, I’ve earned additional certifications in group fitness instruction and lifeguarding.

Sports Enthusiast and Experienced CrossFit Coach

With my sports background, playing and coaching basketball, soccer, and snowboarding, CrossFit came naturally to me. In fact, I coached CrossFit throughout most of high school. All of these experiences have shaped my approach to personal training, and I’m confident in my ability to motivate and inspire people to achieve their fitness goals.

Balancing Fitness and Academics with a Love for the Outdoors

Beyond fitness, I’m pursuing a degree in criminal justice and political science and plan to attend law school in the future. But, being outdoors and staying active is where I find my happy place. That’s why I love hiking, longboarding, and snowboarding. When it comes to personal training, I try to incorporate the functional movements needed for daily life into my workouts as much as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting on your fitness journey, I’m here to help you reach your goals and live your best life.


CrossFit Level 1,

Olympic Lifting,