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 This month, two CrossFit Balance teams competed in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge – our CrossFit Balance Elite team took home third place, and our Rx’d team won their division! Congratulations to both teams and thank you to the whole Balance community that supported them along the way.

CF Balance Nutts and Butts- Karolin Nillson, Melanie Keer, Rob Pederson, Jake O’Connor

Highlights: The team won several events, and team members set or matched several PRs – Karolin hit a 175lb PR on her snatch. When she hit the bottom she let out a yell and smile as wide as one can see knowing she nailed it.
This team did so well with making adjustments on the fly. They didn’t have much time to practice on the worm, but still had a great handle on the clean and jerk worm event. Their performance reflected what positive chemistry they have together.  They polished it off with a remarkable finish on “Amanda.”  Melanie and Karolin complemented each other so well when it came to Melanie crushing the muscle-ups and Karolin just punishing the snatches that bar will never be the same! Same with Robbie and Jake! They closed out the weekend with another event win!
Both team athletes mentioned to me that the biggest difference in this competition was the cheering and support.  Whether it was the Balance chant or the “hold the worm,” chant- our presence was known.  Also, both teams did an excellent job communicating with another, being perceptive on the floor of the competition, and executing when under pressure (especially with the max lifts!)

CrossFit Balance Elite: Liz Parry, Zoe Pond-McPherson, Craig Williams, Pat Kelly

This team has competed at the Regionals and Games levels, and made a statement with a podium finish. They competed against two teams stacked with a lot of Games athletes, but still put up two event wins. This reflected their cohesiveness, discipline and practice in training sessions,  and also all their “engines.”
Highlights: The team put up several impressive lifts on the second day: Zoe hit a new PR clean and jerk at 220 lbs, and Craig and Liz matched recent clean and jerk PRs. This was also Pat Kelly’s first competition on the CrossFit Balance team. His engine and gymnastic skills helped make this team a metcon machine!
The Bonnie and Clyde event consisted of chest to bar pull-ups (with a weight vest) and dumbbell burpee step-overs. It was an incredibly exciting and close event! Craig and Liz were  consistent in their rhythm and Pat and Zoe came out like rocketships compared to other teams.  All of them went to their max on that event!
When these guys got on the worm for the clean and jerks, going rep for rep with Misfit and Invictus nearby, I knew they were going to win.  They looked more comfortable and every rep looked the same; their pace was unmatched and it was amazing to cheer them on.  They nailed it again on the worm thrusters – Craig came out of the jungle onto that rope and demolished those climbs as Pat’s crushed the rower and the ladies held that worm!  They ran away with that event – it wasn’t even a competition by their last round.
Onto the final they tackled yet another strength event coupled with gymnastics and finished in the top! Afterward, Zoe said that this was “the most relaxed I have ever felt doing muscle-ups.”
We’re so thrilled for these two teams – thank you for so incredibly representing the Balance community.