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Dad Bods Found to be More Attractive to Women then Shredded Abs!

Are Dad Bods Attractive to Women?

FAKE NEWS ALERT!  Women prefer “Dad Bods” Over Six Pack Abs!  We want to first preface that we have found multiple sources that back this claim (sometimes), and by the looks of it, there may be some data to prove it (and disprove it).  The most recent study was done by Planet Fitness and the results were published on a few major outlets.

This study showed 7 of 10 found a few or 20 extra pounds to be attractive on men!!  A direct quote from a VP of Marketing said, “Our survey results show the majority of people think positively about dad bods, and men who identify as having them are proud of who they are.”

Muscle and Fitness Magazine polled 100 women, “Do you like guys who have dad bods?”  When the data was finally tallied up, we learned the following:

15 women answered, “I only go after guys with dad bods”

23 women shrugged, ‘Sure, why not?”

24 uncomfortably mumbled, “Maybe, but its not something I look for.”

And an astounding 39 ladies shouted, “Absolutely not!”

I’m not even sure how to score that one.  Does that mean 47 of the hundred were indifferent?   That study is terrible!  In all seriousness, many of the women claimed that they fell in love with the person as they got to know them and their body wasn’t really part of the equation initially.  However, some women had a bit more to say than that, look what Kari C thinks about the rad, mod, dad bod.

“I love a man with a little something extra to hold onto. If you’re smaller than I am, I tend to feel ‘big’ and that’s just no bueno. I don’t specifically seek out ‘dad bods,’ but I definitely don’t mind it. Plus, it makes the hugs extra squeezy!” -Kari C.

The prestigious Maxim Magazine quoted a Yale Professor in their article, with the sub title reading, “Sorry, Johnny six-pack!”

According to Richard G. Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology,  and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Yale, it is a good thing for guys to put on extra weight and have a marked body that is low in testosterone, muscle mass, and extra fat. The added bonus of all of this “who is your daddy” bod, is that chubby guys tend to live longer.   The professor failed to source that claim, but  he did say it for Maxim, so it isn’t up for debate.

Finally, Closer, an online publication gave 8 reasons why a dad bod is waaaaay more attractive.  Can you guess any without looking?

  • Lots of cosy nights
  • You reach TRUE relationship goals
  • They won’t choose the gym over spending time with you
  • Chest hair
  • They won’t have an ego the size of Kanye West.
  • You can lay on them.
  • You can revel in ‘ugly days’
  • You will have ham to put in your children’s sandwiches

We did find one author who called BS on this new dad bod craze.  GQ claims “We’re calling bullsh*t on the dad bod.”  They say the no-movement dad movement is a made up brew of semantics to help men who have let themselves go feel better about themselves even though they weren’t pulling the amount of likes they hoped for on their Instagram photos.  We’ve certainly seen this game played before in a world of participation trophies and men deciding to write up rules as they go (for both genders) to fit their own narrative.  If we let reality sink in a bit, are we allowing ourselves to feel great about a zero effort output to improving our health?  What do you think of the dad bod craze?

Our recommendation is to get fit first and then make the decision on what body type you are most comfortable in.  When you are in shape, you’ll feel better about yourself, regardless of  your body style.  You’ll also be a better judge of the “self” you like when you are healthy.