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This weekend, several Balance members will be participating in the Bike to the Beach 100-mile bike ride, from Washington, DC to Dewey Beach, DE, and raising money for Autism Speaks. Today, we’re highlighting team member Mary Beth Tyler, who will be riding in her first Bike to the Beach this weekend!

You can support the Balance Gym Bike to the Beach team by donating here, and you can donate to Mary Beth’s ride here.

Name: Mary Beth Tyler

How many years have you participated in Bike to the Beach? Why did you decide to participate?

This is my first year! I wanted a challenge ride and to support a good cause.

What has your training looked like so far? When did you start training for the ride, and what is a typical week of training for you? 

Training is going well! I commute by bike daily and do a lot of riding regularly. I started training in earnest in late May for this. Typical training week is a few days of cardio and strength training at Balance + long training rides on weekends. I’m currently up to 6 hours on Saturdays – last weekend we rode about 60 miles out to Mount Vernon and back!

What has been the best part of training so far? The most challenging?

Pushing myself and achieving that mileage – it feels great after you’ve accomplished a long distance. The sun and the heat have definitely been the most challenging! I’m not sure how it’ll be the day of, but I’m hopeful that the early start will allow us to get most of the mileage done before the hottest part of the day.

How has Balance Gym helped with your training and helped you achieve your goals? 

Keeping up with the classes (Balance Ride & Balance Fit) have really kept me honest about my consistent / baseline conditioning. I’m typically in about 3-4 Balance Ride classes each week.

What are you most looking forward to about the event? 

Finishing it 🙂 Enjoying a community ride, pushing myself, and stretching after the 104 miles!

How do you fit training into your busy schedule? 

I’ve had to carve out time for the long rides – I’ve got really supportive people who help me stick to my training commitments. I’ve also tried to start my rides super early to beat the heat!

What are your “must-haves” for a long bike ride (can be music, gear, snacks, etc.)? 

Music & Snacks! I play my music out loud so others can jam along. Snacks to keep the energy up on long rides. I usually bring apple slices, CLIF Bars, and Gatorade to refuel.

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