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Abby Garfinkel


Personal Training

Strength and Conditioning

Gym Location

Capitol Hill

Abby Garfinkel

About Abby

Abby got certified as a personal trainer through NASM in 2020 so that she could start training online clients. She started personal training in person so that she could really help her clients with proper form and gym anxiety.

“I want everyone to feel comfortable and like they belong in the gym.”

Abby grew up playing sports but her love for lifting came in 2015 when she started doing CrossFit competitively. Abby has since transitioned to body building with her first competition coming up later this year. She’s originally from Houston but went to the University of Connecticut and is a DC newbie!

Abby’s Favorite Move?

“I like the B-Stance deadlift, where you use all the muscles in one leg, and your other leg is maintaining your balance!”

When Abby’s not in the gym:

“I love to swim and was a swim coach for 7 years. I also love movies, especially the theaters! I also love to cook. I have an extremely chatty cat named, Kirk.”

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Personal Training,

Strength and Conditioning,