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Courtney DeBoise


Personal Training

Strength and Conditioning

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Foggy Bottom

Courtney DeBoise

Welcome to Your Fitness Journey with Courtney DeBoise

My journey as a personal trainer spans over a rewarding period of more than 1 year, where I’ve had the privilege of guiding individuals toward their fitness goals. Delving into the fitness industry was a conscious decision driven by my deep-seated desire to empower individuals in enhancing their lives holistically. Witnessing the transformative impact that fitness can have on one’s overall well-being propelled me to become an agent of positive change.

Crafting a comprehensive approach to personal training defines my methodology. It’s a fusion of various modalities including weight training, functional exercises, and dynamic circuit routines. I firmly believe in nurturing not just physical strength but also fostering a positive mindset. This holistic blend is the cornerstone to achieving sustained health and unlocking personal success. My dedication to continuous growth is reflected in my pursuit of additional certifications in Nutrition and Health Coaching. These qualifications are integral to broadening my expertise and providing comprehensive guidance to clients seeking a well-rounded approach to fitness and wellness.

While my background doesn’t boast a history of coaching or playing sports, my personal fitness journey has been nothing short of transformative. Transitioning from a non-athlete to clinching a gold medal in a powerlifting competition at the age of 42 has profoundly shaped my perspective. This unique experience enables me to empathize and connect with individuals who embark on their fitness journey later in life, offering tailored support and understanding.Beyond the realm of fitness, my interests are diverse. I have a passion for exploration and travel, relishing the discovery of new cultures and experiences. Curiously enough, I have a soft spot for a good old-fashioned paper planner—particularly the A5 size! Moreover, I find immense joy in savoring diverse cuisines and considering myself a bit of a foodie.


Personal Training,

Strength and Conditioning,