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Darnell Boston


Strength and Conditioning


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Capitol Hill

Darnell Boston

The Journey Begins: From Black Belt to Master Trainer

Hey there! I’m Darnell Boston, a personal trainer with a passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. With over 2-3 years of experience, I’ve embarked on an epic journey of personal development, both physically and mentally.

Unleashing the Power of Functional and Adaptable Training

Flexibility is key! Join me on a fitness adventure where one form of training won’t trap you. I’m all about functionality and adaptability. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a well-rounded workout experience!

Success Stories: Shaping Bodies and Minds

Let the success stories speak for themselves! With my guidance, clients have built self-esteem, exceeded their own expectations, and discovered exciting new avenues in fitness and life. I’m in the business of transforming bodies and minds!

From Kicks to Crunches: My Fitness Journey

Fitness has always been my life’s beat. From early on, I’ve been kickboxing my way through life. With a black belt in Taekwondo and a brown belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, I bring a unique set of skills to the training floor.

Fun and Fierce: Kickboxing Tournaments and Martial Arts Magic

Prepare for a knockout! When I’m not busy training clients, I’ve been known to step into the ring myself. Kickboxing tournaments and teaching youth martial arts have sharpened my skills and added a touch of fierceness to my training approach.

Join Me on the Epic Fitness Quest!

Ready for an extraordinary fitness journey? Let’s team up and conquer your goals together. As your personal trainer, I’m committed to your physical and mental growth. Get in touch with me today, and let’s embark on this epic adventure of transforming your body and embracing a vibrant, fit lifestyle!

Ready to get serious?

Lets start you off with a free Fit 3D body scan, and a free consultation! Just fill out the questionnaire below, and my team will be in touch to schedule you for a visit. Tell them Darnell sent you!


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