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Eric Ruiz


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Foggy Bottom Crossfit

Eric Ruiz

Welcome to Your Fitness Journey with Eric Ruiz

How long have you been a trainer?

I’ve been a trainer for about four years now. It’s been an incredible journey of growth and learning during this time.

Why did you decide to go into the fitness industry?

My decision to enter the fitness industry was deeply personal. I had struggled with being overweight and lacked physical strength during my younger years. However, my life took a turn when I discovered CrossFit, and for three years, I immersed myself in it. The transformation I experienced in my own life inspired me to become a coach. I wanted to teach others in a way that I wish I had been taught, emphasizing the fundamentals and helping individuals build a strong foundation for their fitness journey.

In a sentence or two, please describe your approach to training.

My approach to training is all about prioritizing quality over everything else. Whether it’s lifting weights, engaging in cardiovascular workouts, or working on mobility, I want my clients to perform each movement to the best of their abilities. I believe that having fun and the continuous pursuit of improvement should be at the core of any fitness regimen.

Do you have any unique skill sets or additional certifications?

While I don’t hold any official certifications, I take pride in a unique facet of my coaching called “Muscle Up Academy.” At a previous gym, I helped several members achieve significant milestones in gymnastics, including their first bar muscle up, ring muscle up, pull up, chest to bar pull up, and more. Although it’s not a formal certification, this experience has given me valuable expertise in the field of gymnastic movements.

Do you or have you played/coached sports? If so, what?

I’ve always been an avid sports enthusiast. I’ve played just about every sport, often participating in recreational leagues. Football has a special place in my heart and stands as my favorite, with basketball coming in a close second. My background in various sports has enriched my coaching approach, allowing me to incorporate elements from different disciplines into my training methods.


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