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The idea of gamification is a fairly simple one. It is the idea of turning something into a game by introducing game dynamics and mechanics to an otherwise normal situation. There are a lot of businesses that now use gamification as a way to motivate consumers, but consumers themselves also use gamification to better complete tasks.

Some examples of everyday gamification include rewards points at your favorite eatery or coffee shop. By giving you points for the purchases you make, you are playing the game and, in some instances, can level up and use your points for perks. Just about everyone has entered into this realm of engagement, but what if you wanted to use it for something other than just more purchases?

In a recent study, it was shown that the gamification of exercise actually helped to boost consistency and resolve in people’s exercise habits. The research analyzed participants using fitbits compared to those using fitbits and a fitness app to track their progress, and those using the app performed better.

The idea of gamification works great for making difficult or monotonous tasks more fun through the system it’s built around. While exercise itself is rewarding, the tangible benefits may not always be readily apparent.

A great workout may leave you feeling sore and tired the day of, while the benefits, like stronger muscles or greater endurance aren’t felt until weeks later. By adding small rewards for things like working out, the challenge that many face of trying to commit to a regular schedule has an added layer of incentives.

At Balance Gym, we believe in making exercise fun from the moment you step through our doors. We pride ourselves on creating an already engaging and compelling environment to help make your exercise journey the best it can be. However, we also know that sometimes a little extra is needed for that boost to commit. Whether that’s a motivating trainer or an app that rewards you for your progress, we encourage every path we can towards your fitness goals.