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This weekend, several Balance members will be participating in the Bike to the Beach 100-mile bike ride, from Washington, DC to Dewey Beach, DE, and raising money for Autism Speaks. Today, we’re highlighting team member Cassia Denton, Balance’s Director of Human Resources and Operations Oversight, who will be riding in her second Bike to the Beach this weekend!

You can support the Balance Gym Bike to the Beach team by donating here, and you can donate to Cassia’s ride here.


Name: Cassia Denton

How many years have you participated in Bike to the Beach? 

This is my second year.

What made you decide to participate? 

I have always been afraid of biking, but Devin and Robbie were huge mentors in helping me conquer my fears and push myself. They really changed the way I think about biking, and now it is one of my favourite things to do!

What has your training looked like so far? 

Ever since I participated in my first B2TB, I have used a bike to commute to work (in all weather!). As soon as the weather turned warm, I started adding miles to that commute as well as a few big rides on the weekend.

What has been the best part of training so far? The most challenging? 

Realizing how much better I am this year has been a really gratifying experience, but now it is tough to get outside my comfort zone with speed. Last year I was so concerned with just getting through the ride, but now I want to get there in a good time.

How has Balance Gym helped with your training and helped you achieve your goals? 

Balance lives by the motto Train for Sport, Train for Life, and all of the training I have ever done is really functional and meant to translate to my outside activities. Whether it is pulling a sled or burning it up on our Megaformers, Balance training gives me the foundation to be a stronger, faster, healthier rider.

What are you most looking forward to about the event? 

The elation of the ride! Everyone on this ride is so friendly and the atmosphere of the ride is welcoming and fun.

How do you fit training into your busy schedule? 

A little bit every day goes a long way, just like any other fitness 🙂

What are your “must-haves” for a long bike ride (can be music, gear, snacks, etc.)? 

A really jamming Spotify playlist, some thick sunscreen, and a pair of solid padded gloves. Gloves can make the difference between a great ride and miserable slog.

Why do you Bike to the Beach? 

I bike to be a part of something greater, and to celebrate the way movement can bring people together to make a difference.

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