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Member Spotlight: Beth Barrett

Beth Barrett first discovered CrossFit in 2012, and fell in love with the sport because it was the first workout that didn’t feel like a chore. She took her passion for CrossFit a step further last year when she became a CrossFit Level One certified coach read on to learn more about Beth and make sure to say hi to her the next time you’re at CrossFit Foggy Bottom!

Name: Beth Barrett

Occupation: Market Research Manager

Balance Location: Foggy Bottom

How long have you been CrossFitting? 5.5 years

Why do you CrossFit?

Every other workout I have tried felt like a chore, or a means to an end – i.e., weight loss. CrossFit is the first thing I found that I love – it is a hobby I am passionate about. I also love the variety in the movements and the constant challenge it brings to my fitness. There is always a new goal to work towards, something to accomplish, so I never get bored. I also love how CrossFit has re-shaped how I feel about my body. CrossFit empowers everyone to be their best self, and for women, the focus shifts away from weight loss to being strong. That shift in thinking has changed my life in ways I cannot completely describe.

What made you decide to try CrossFit?

Funny enough I stumbled on a Groupon for CrossFit Balance. After a month trial, I was hooked. The challenge of CrossFit brought me in, and the community and friendships I have developed here are a big reason I stay at Balance, in particular.

What’s your favorite CrossFit workout/movement?

Easy – Cleans and HSPU.

What’s been your proudest CrossFit moment so far?

My proudest moment as an athlete hasn’t been one specific thing, it has been the day in, day out, work and commitment to my health and fitness. I take a lot of pride in the dedication I have consistently put in over the past 5 years to get to where I am. Looking back on where I came from, physically and mentally, to where I am now, is something I am incredibly proud of. However, one pretty awesome specific moment, was hitting a 175 lb power clean PR. That was awesome.

What made you decide to become a CrossFit coach? What was the training process like?

I found myself informally coaching new members, friends, etc. during class. After some encouragement from Karolin and Rob (our fab Director and Assistant Director at Foggy Bottom) I decided it was worth a try. I loved my CrossFit Level 1 certification experience at a local affiliate up in Baltimore, CrossFit White Marsh. I learned way more than I expected during the certification, and the real work begins once you start coaching. Since starting my journey with coaching I have learned so much about myself, and it has been a really rewarding experience so far. It is so exciting when you see something click for a new athlete, and to be there to see our members hit PR goals. It is the BEST!

What are some of your fitness goals?

2017 has been a rough year. I have had a series of injuries (as a result of me not listening to my body), and am coming off of a hand/wrist surgery for carpal tunnel. So my fitness goals for now are focused on getting my back and wrists stronger. However, my general philosophy is to pick or two things to focus on and integrate extra work in to those areas. For the past 6 months, I have focused on rowing, and have gotten my 500 m split average down from 5:12 to 5:02/05 (for someone who is 5’ 2’’ that is pretty great). Forward looking, as most CrossFitters, I have muscle ups on my plan.

What do you like most about working out at Balance?

The community. Hands down. I look forward to the time I get to spend at Balance Foggy Bottom, and the other locations. I also take the facilities themselves for granted. Balance has great equipment; the CrossFit spaces are top notch. We get a lot for our money as Balance members/staff.

What do you like to do outside the gym for fun?

Typical DC stuff – brunch, hanging with my CrossFit and non-CrossFit friends, hiking – when I can get out of the city, and getting from point A to point B on my moped – Moped Jane!

Favorite quote?

You’re stronger than you think you are.

Tell us something we don’t know about you (fun fact):

I grew up riding horses and competed in speed shows – barrel racing is the thing that will resonate with most people There are some pretty embarrassing pictures of me floating around out there decked out in Americana garb, on top of my horse, smiling like an adorable fool.

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule?

I plan and hold myself accountable. My 9 to 5 has a pretty demanding meeting schedule. To avoid missing class and workouts, I started putting block holds on my Outlook calendar. It is a visual reminder each day that I have planned to work out, and my co-workers know not to schedule over those blocks.

Complete this sentence: #BalanceLife is a beautiful, ridiculous collection of people dedicated to working hard and playing even harder.