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Brad Reichard first joined Balance in 2009, where he took our Bootcamp classes in Kalorama. Now, he takes advantage of our CrossFit programs at three different locations, and describes Balance as “an integral part of his day.” Learn why he loves Balance, how he fits workouts into his schedule, and his trick for making Bulletproof coffee!


Name: Brad Reichard

Occupation: Marketing Communications Consultant

Which Balance location do you belong to?

I have the passport membership, so I like to take advantage of all of the unique things happening at each location. I can’t start my day without the 7:15 am CrossFit class at Foggy Bottom. I also like the 11 am yoga class on Sundays. I also only live a block from Thomas Circle, so I get there for some of the holiday workouts and other classes, and I also love doing outdoor CrossFit workouts at Glover Park.

I also only live one block from Thomas Circle, so I get over there for some holiday workouts and other classes. who doesn’t love running the hills at Glover Park for outdoor Crossfit workouts…

How long have you been a member?

I joined in June 2009, when Balance was operating out of a Catholic Church in Kalorama. We did these boot camp runs out to Dumbarton down behind the Italian Embassy where we ran hills and did crazy things. We had a blast.

How often do you come to the gym?

Every day I can – usually six days a week.

Why did you decide to join Balance? What do you like most about the gym?

Businesses talk about brands and culture all the time, but too often they never get where they want to go. Balance is exceptional because its culture, people and members are all a part of the community that lives up to the its brand promise.

What kinds of workouts do you like to do? Do you mostly take classes, do personal training, or work out on your own?

CrossFit is definitely my go-to Balance activity. I love the camaraderie – everyone is super friendly and we’ve become friends – and I think the coaching is super. For me, it’s about being mindful about how I move, and when I have good form, I do more. The coaches are what get me to the next level every time.  I also love the yoga classes at Foggy Bottom – and the pool!

Do you have any gym must-haves (snacks, gear, etc.)?

I’m obsessed with Laird Superfood is completely indispensable for me right now – it’s an amazing coffee creamer that combines oils and fats with delicious natural flavors that takes the hassle and time out of making bulletproof coffee. I add it to my coffee every morning, hop on my bike, and hit the gym. I totally recommend it to everyone!

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule?

I wake up every morning and I hit the gym – I make it the way I start my day.

What do you like to do outside the gym for fun?

Travel, hike, eat, and be with my friends.

What are your favorite things about Balance?

The culture is great, and the diversity of the people who go and find ways to lend others at different levels a hand is phenomenal.

How has Balance Gym helped you achieve your goals?

Balance Gym has pushed me in ways that I never thought would be possible, and it’s created new horizons and goals I didn’t imagine before. The gym is an integral part of my daily life.

Complete this sentence:

#BalanceLife is how I get to do the things I’ve dreamed of doing and live the life I’ve dreamed of living.