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Chi Anh Do discovered Balance Burn on ClassPass, and has since joined Balance Gym in order to make Balance Burn her primary workout! She recently completed the Balance Burn Spring Challenge, and loved getting focus on the megaformer workouts while also honing in on her diet. Read on to learn why she loves the class and how she fits working out into her busy schedule!

Name: Chi Anh Do

Occupation: IT Auditor at PwC

Balance Location: Glover Park

How long have you been coming to Balance? How long have you been doing Balance Burn?

I officially became a Balance member in March 2017 after trying a few Balance Burn classes through ClassPass.

What kinds of workouts were you doing before Balance Burn? What made you decide to try out the class?

Before Balance Burn, my workouts primarily included barre and yoga+weights classes. However, I was plateauing during class, no longer waking up sore, and needed to take things to the next level. My first megaformer class completely gave me life, and I was hooked!

How often do you take Balance Burn classes? Do you take other classes outside of Balance Burn, or is that your primary workout?

I aim for 4-5 Balance Burn classes a week. Outside of Balance Burn, I’ll dabble with other fitness classes throughout the DMV area.

Why did you decide to participate in the Balance Burn Spring Challenge? What kinds of results did you see during the Challenge?

While I maintain a pretty active lifestyle, I struggle with a well-balanced diet. I may skip meals during busy work days, and overindulge during the evenings/weekend. So I wanted to train myself to better manage what I eat. As a result of the Spring Challenge, I could tell I was becoming stronger and more conscious of what/when I ate. I also lost a few pounds and some body fat, which was a great plus!

What were your favorite parts about the Challenge? What were the most challenging?

My favorite part of the challenge was working with our nutrition coach, Jason. Jason was so knowledgeable and provided great insight on a variety of topics throughout the 8 weeks (even gave me nutritional advice for better skin!). He broke everything down so well, and really kept us engaged. I also loved how he was very candid about his own fitness journey, and it was comforting to know he’s truly been in our shoes and has made tremendous progress. Jason was awesome about setting everyone up with a successful meal plan and the foundations for changing your lifestyle.

The hardest part of the challenge was definitely sticking to the nutrition plan and tracking everything you ate, but I quickly learned that discipline and willpower are the only way to results.

What is your favorite thing about Balance Burn? Why should other people try it out?

What I love about Balance Burn is that EVERY class is different, and I feel like I’m doing a new move on the Megaformer every other class. There’s no script or set sequence instructors use, but you know every class will be hard no matter who the instructor is / what the routine is. Plus, the instructors are amazing and make the classes fly by!

Do you have any gym must-haves (can be gear, music, post-workout snacks, etc.)?

Love my pre-workout snack bars.

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule?

Before leaving work, I draft up a to-do list for the following day. If it turns out that it’s going to be one of those crazy days, I plan (or at least try!) to go to bed early that night so I can wake up at zero dark thirty and start crushing the work day. That way, I can get what I need to get done and leave guilt-free for my classes. On weekends, I work out first thing in the mornings so that there’s no conflicting priorities or excuses to put it off.

What do you like most about Balance? How has Balance helped you achieve your goals?

I love the people at Balance. I receive the warmest welcomes every time I walk through the doors, the motivation from the coaches is incredible, and all the members are so friendly!

#BalanceLife is empowering!