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Jason Hicks found CrossFit three years ago, and keeps coming back because he loves the feeling of getting through a tough workout. He spent several years as a serious cyclist, but found that CrossFit made him much stronger and that he pushes himself much harder in a typical workout. Read on to learn about his proudest CrossFit moment, fitness goals for 2018, and why he fits in physical activity every day.

Name: Jason Hicks

Occupation: Investment manager for a private foundation

Balance Location: Thomas Circle

How long have you been CrossFitting? Almost 2 years at Balance, 1 year at another box

Why do you CrossFit? 

Even after 3 years, I still get the feeling before a tough workout that I’ll never be able to complete it. I keep coming back to CrossFit because I love the feeling of proving those doubts wrong.

What made you decide to try CrossFit? 

I was a serious cyclist for a number of years. I had good lungs, but I didn’t feel very fit. Now in a 10- or 15-minute workout I can push myself harder than I ever could on a 50-mile ride. And I no longer have DC drivers trying to kill me.

What’s your favorite CrossFit workout/movement?  

Anything with body weight movements: favorites include pull ups, burpee box overs, air squats.

What’s been your proudest CrossFit moment so far? 

Finishing Murph in 2017, especially since before I came to Balance I couldn’t run more than 400 meters.

What are some of your fitness goals for 2018? 

Sub-40 minute Murph (without vest); my first muscle up (fingers crossed); putting more weight overhead.

What do you like most about working out at Balance? 

The coaches care enough about their athletes to know what they need: when they need to be pushed, when they need to scale back. Even large classes feel very personal.

What do you like to do outside the gym for fun? 

Hiking / rucking; cooking; keeping my 12 year old daughter and my 9 year old son active and happy.

Favorite quote?

“Always climbing up is our downfall” The English Beat (1982) from the song Sugar and Stress

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule? 

It’s just a part of my day. I wouldn’t think of not eating or not sleeping. Being active every single day is the same. Whether it’s CrossFit, hiking, running with my dog, or working on mobility, I’m going to do something with my body every single day.

Complete this sentence: #BalanceLife is: proving to yourself just how strong you can be.