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We’re excited to welcome Wanda Bamberg Tia and the Wanda Woman Dance classes back to Balance Gym! Read on to learn more about her classes, and make sure to check out one of her classes and follow her on Twitter at @readysetworkit!


Name: Wanda Bamberg Tia

Occupation: I’m a dancer in heart and soul; an entrepreneur from 9-5, but mostly I’m a wellness promoter for women of all ages.

Hometown: I’m originally from Columbia, SC, but I’ve called DC home for the last 37 years.

How long have you been with Balance?

My balance journey has been significant and long.  I joined the Balance team about 7 years ago. I taught my signature WandaWoman Dance classes, Pilates and focused overall on wellness. I caught the entrepreneur itch and decided to take my signature classes to an independent boutique studio which became Work It! Studio.  For over five years, Work It! Studio has attracted hundreds of women of all ages and fitness levels to the dance floor.

On May 1, 2017, I returned to the Balance Team, but this time I brought in the Work It! Studio members with me. Work It! Studio join the Balance family and we are bringing the signature Wanda Woman Dance Class, Piloxing, and other dance master classes.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your fitness background?  

I’m a dancer, performer and creative soul.  I think and dream in musical notes and dance steps. I’ve been dancing for as long as I remember. I’ve taught aerobic dance, funk, hip-hop, modern dance, jazz and many other forms. I’m a certified Pilates trainer and personal trainer.

Tell us about your WandaWoman dance classes? Why should people try your classes, and what can they expect when they get there?

Come to the party!  The Wanda Woman Dance class is a one-hour party, where the smiles, laughter and dancing does not stop. The music pumps through the room and the energy is contagious. Just ask anyone that has taken a class. Many of the dancers start with hugs and smiles and end the class with sweaty hugs and smiles. Depending on the day, you may be dancing to the latest hits or we may take a tour around the decades. Don’t be fooled, it’s a workout!

What are some of your gym must-haves? (can be gear, clothing, snacks, etc.)

A good pair of dance shoes with lots of ankle and arch support, Fuji water, peanut butter and banana on rice cake.

What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack (to cook at home or to eat on the go)?

Anyone that knows me they know that my morning smoothies are a favorite.

How do you suggest people fit working out into their busy schedules?

I suggest people to schedule an appointment with themselves to workout. Also get a pedometer to track those 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once being healthy and fit becomes a part of your routine, only hard part is selecting the music on your headphones for your workout.

What are your favorite things about Balance? Why do you love working here?

I dance because there is movement and the possibility of getting bored with the workout is closed to zero. What is there not to like about Balance? The fitness potentials are plentiful. One could never get bored with a machine or workout, there is so much being offered.

#BalanceLife is: movement, energy, mind, body and soul