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This month, our Class of the Month is Balance Strong! We sat down with Devin Maier, Balance Gym Managing Director and creator of the class, to tell us more about Balance Strong and why you should check it out!


What is Balance Strong?  

Balance Strong is a roof top class at our Thomas Circle gym that takes cues mainly from Strong Man style training. Think amazing feats of  (relative) strength while working on your tan and having a beer after with friends.

Why did you decide to create the class?  

I was looking for a good excuse to utilize our amazing roof top space as well as all of the great toys in the gym that all members may not always have access to like D-Balls, Slosh Pipes and Yokes.

What is the format of the class?  

Class starts at noon with a 30 min period of dragging up the equipment for the day. So the real class is actually at 12:30 and starts with some mobility work and introductions. From there we do some skill work before breaking out the toys and playing.

How is Balance Strong different from other strength-based classes at Balance, such as bootcamp or Balance body?  

Just being outside in the sun can feel like cardiovascular exercise for some so we avoid a lot of the conditioning work that you’d expect to see in a Balance Body or Bootcamp class. If it were a meal it would be all meat and no sides. This can be attractive to many of our members that typically train on the second floor and avoid classes. With that being said we do move heavy things fast so plan to break a sweat and bust your butt.

Do people need to have any lifting/strength experience to take the class, or is it open to all levels? How is the class modified for people who are new to lifting?  

Strength is relative so all levels are welcome and it’s awesome to see the encouraging environment this class fosters between the participants.  My favorite thing to see is when a newcomer learns how to move something heavy properly and shocks themselves on how capable and strong they actually are.

Will Balance Strong be moving indoors once it starts getting cooler out

The plan is to take a break once the weather doesn’t allow us to work on our tans.  Half of the fun is to be outside so this class is destined to be seasonal.

What are some of the benefits of Balance Strong (or of lifting heavy things/learning how to do this properly), and why should people try it? 

While I could name hundreds of benefits the one that comes to mind first is caring as many groceries as possible from the store and looking cool doing it.

Anything else you want to add?  

Don’t hesitate to come if you doubt your strength because everyone has potential to get stronger and be a more capable human. That and it’s BYOB and I like sour beers.