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Class Spotlight: Balance Fit

This month, Balance Fit is our class of the month! Balance Fit is a high-intensity, cardio-focused functional training class where you rotate between cardio and strength stations with minimal downtime. These two in combination are excellent tools for developing total body strength and power, as well as conditioning. We chatted with Cassia Denton, who teaches Balance Fit at our Foggy Bottom location, and Carly Isakovic, who teaches at our Capitol Hill location, and told us more about the class and why you should try it out!

Tell us a little bit about Balance Fit, and how it’s different from other classes at Balance?

CD: This class is much more cardio oriented than any of our other offerings, and is an incredible way to crush calories!

CI: Balance Fit is a nonstop energy filled class. We tap into all heart rates zones and blast every muscle. This class will improve your strength, endurance and power every time you come.

Why do you love Balance Fit?

CD: I like the way the format helps you work really hard: having stations allows you to give your all to each movement because you know the next one will be a different movement pattern!

CI: I love seeing my fit squad push themselves a little more every class. Every week we progress in our movements, reps and time. This class makes you realize you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.


What’s your number one tip for someone who’s new to the class, and/or your number one tip for someone looking to make the class more challenging for them?

CI: Do what you can with what you have. People get intimidated with classes, but there are always modifications to make it easier or harder. Everyone is at a slightly different level, and our classes are designed so that everyone can get the workout that they want and need.

CI: If you’re new to class remember each of us has been in your shoes. Maybe you haven’t worked out in a while, your scared to do a group class or don’t think you will make it through- us trainers at Balance will make sure you everything you need to push through and get the results you’re looking for! Don’t forget to let us know it’s your first class! This way we can offer the necessary modifications if need be!