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Name: Chris Franco

Occupation: System Analyst

Which Balance location do you belong to? Thomas Circle

How long have you been a member? The moment Thomas circle Balance was born

How often do you come to the gym? 5-6 days a week

Why did you decide to join Balance? What do you like most about the gym? 

My membership was carried over from previous gym, but boy, am glad it became Balance. Awesome classes, friendly atmosphere, cool and helpful staff, convenient location, fun activities!

You’re pretty much a regular at Balance’s Bootcamp classes. What do you like the most about the classes?

It’s a full body workout that challenges you while having “fun”. Sometimes you may hate it, but would still feel glad and satisfied after the end of the sessions.

Why should other people take Bootcamp? at advice do you have for people who are new to Bootcamp or thinking about trying it out? 

In 45 mins, you can feel the burn and the feeling of a great workout. It is catered to most people who are willing to give it a shot. Don’t feel intimidated by some of the people in the class, it is for everyone, and anyone in class is willing to help you out.

Are there other classes that you like to take at Balance? What do you like about those? 

I do spinning at times, Zumba (if schedule permits), Pilates perhaps. I like those because they complement my exercise habits.

Do you have any gym must-haves (snacks, gear, etc.)? 

Protein shakes, light colorful sneakers, and unfortunately knee support sleeves to lessen my knee soreness.

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule? 

You need to prioritize it and be excited about it. It should be like work – it is part of your everyday life whether you enjoy it or not.

How has Balance Gym helped you achieve your goals? 

Balance helps me get excited about working out.

#BalanceLife is Hardcorelife.