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How Exercise Affects Our Memory

Even a single workout may make our brain’s memory centers, like our muscles, more fit.

The New York Times published an article a few days ago about a promising study which adds to growing evidence that exercise can have rapid effects on brain function.   Most of us have been taught that us adults didn’t have  much of a chance to change our brains as we aged.  However, new evidence and experiments are showing that adult brains can be rewired and reshaped in various ways depending on our lifestyles.

In animal studies, exercise is showing to increase the production of neurochemicals and newborn neurons in mature brains allowing us to improve our thinking abilities.  In human studies, the volume of the hippocampus, a key part of the brain’s memory networks, is increasing, improving many aspects of people’s thinking.

In addition, they are seeing that the brain “gets fit” similar to muscles.  When muscles are being exercised for the first time, they strain and burn through energy.  However, as they get fit, the muscles respond more efficiently, using less energy for the same work load.   Scientists are suspecting that brains also go through a similar process and improves its function with continued exercise.

Learn more about how exercise affects our memory:  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/01/well/move/how-exercise-affects-our-memory.html


There is still hope for us old guys and gals!